Why the Intel® Falcon™ 8+ Drone – Topcon Edition

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Inspection Solutions

The Intel® Falcon™ 8+ Drone – Topcon Edition is the ultimate tool for professional applications such as flair stack inspections, Oil and Gas applications, tower and turbine inspection.

  • Triple redundant auto-pilot
  • Resistant to Magnetic Interference
  • Limit down time of expensive assets and reduce human exposure to dangerous tasks
  • Georeference high-definition images, thermal images and live video simultaneously


Sink Hole

The Intel® Falcon™ 8+ Drone – Topcon Edition is a stable, easy and safe solution for easy accessing, inspecting and monitoring remote places. Simply setup, fly and capture, transfer, and analyze for fast, on-site decision-making.

  • Balanced V-Shaped design for stability and unobstructed viewing of assets
  • Consistent, precise and repeatable flight plans
  • Workplace tested since 2009
  • Smaller propellers allow maximum maneuverability in tight spaces



Context Capture

Topcon ContextCapture, powered by Bentley, is ideal for any scale infrastructure project throughout design, construction and operations. Its power, flexibility and scalability turn simple photographs into even the largest and most challenging true-to-life and highly detailed 3D models quickly and with precision.

  • Create precise, accurate models from georeferenced photographs
  • Export the results to any CAD software that you already own
  • Produce 3D orthomosaics, Point Clouds, digital surface and terrain models
  • Integrate georeferenced models into your workflow


UAVs for Construction and Inspection


  • Plug and play interchangeable sensors
  • 200 degree camera tilt allows unobstructed viewing
  • Three modes of flight aid in flying without GPS both indoors and outdoors
  • Delivers accurate and repeatable project results